Ressenya 72

Ressenya 72 7

2020-10-11 Ressenya 72 7

“a l’ombra de Mark Hollis”, programa dedicat al llegat musical del lider dels Talk Talk


01.Talk Talk - Wealth
02.Bark Psychosis - Absent Friend
03.These New Puritans - Fragment Two
04.Andrew Wasylyk - Lost, Aglow
05.At Swim Two Birds - Close to
06.Bed - The Gap
07.Chauveau Sylvain - Potlatch (1971-1999)
08.David Sylvian – Orpheus
09.G.S. Schray - Placeholder Areas
10.Exit North - Another Chance
11.Hayden Thorpe - Earthly Needs
12.Hood - As Evening Changed the Day
13.Julia Holter - Night Song
14.Lightning in a Twilight Hour - The Passerby
15.Modern Nature – Wynter
16.Movietone - In A Marine Light
17.Radiohead - Pyramid Song
18.Zelienople – Safer
19.Slowdive - Blue Skied An' Clear
20.Rustin man - The World's in Town

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