Ràdio Free Alfacs

Ràdio Free Alfacs 5

2021-04-13 Ràdio Free Alfacs 5


R.E.M - Radio Free Europe (Intro)
Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Laniard
Eva Ryjlen - Todo para mí
Arab Strap - Here comes comus
Maurici Ribera - Naiximent-Vida
Love of Lesbian - Evasive
Los Canarios - Get On Your Knees
Destroyer - It Just Doesn't happen
David Bowie - Pablo Picasso
Nada Surf - So Much Love
The Cure - The Holy Hour
Ultim Cavall - Incendi
The Fleshtones - The Show Is Over
Band Of Horses - The Funeral
Joey Ramone - What a Wonderful World
The Flaming Lips - Dinosaurs On The Mountain

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